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ISO 20000 Accreditation

Accreditation for ISO 20000 -

Information Technology Service

Management Systems



About ISO 20000 and Accreditation

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 is the international standard specifying the requirements for an effective Information Technology Service Management System (ITSMS). It enables organizations to improve their overall performance by providing a framework for the planning, delivery, operation and improvement of their IT services. Any organization in the service industry, whether private or public, can use ISO/IEC 20000-1 to improve their service management processes and achieve certification. UQAS is an accreditation body that evaluates and accredits certification bodies who issue ISO 20000 certificates to organizations worldwide. Our team of experts evaluate compliance in a systematic, independent, and impartial manner.


Requirements for ISO 20000 Accreditation

UQAS grants ISO 20000 accreditation to organizations with reference to the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 17021-1:2016 - Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems — Part 1: Requirements

  • ISO/IEC 20000-6:2017 - Information technology — Service management — Part 6: Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of service management systems


Key Benefits of Accreditation for Certification Bodies

UQAS can provide your organization with the credibility and recognition it needs to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. With our ISO 20000 accreditation, certification bodies will be able to demonstrate their commitment to quality and excellence in the provision of their services. In addition, our accreditation will give certification bodies access to a global network of recognized organizations, which can help them to expand their business operations. Accredited certification bodies will also be able to take advantage of our marketing and promotional activities, which will raise the profile of their organization and help them to attract new clients.


If you are interested in becoming an accredited certification body, please contact us today! Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about the accreditation process.